Booking for : Experience Desert Safari and Visit Wadi Bani Khalid (Full-day)

Experience Desert Safari and Visit Wadi Bani Khalid (Full-day)

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Arab country is always associated with desert scenery or landscape; therefore it is surely won’t be missed. Oman is about 80% desert, although nowadays it’s not noticeable because of the infrastructures, houses etc. Your private guide will be waiting for you in the lobby area and we start the trip by driving towards Sharqiyah Sands formerly called “Wahiba Sands”. It is the original homeland of the Bedouins. This area attracts many desert adventure fans, and is preferred by visitors owing to its ease of accessibility and availability of nearby services, which make it a first class tourist attraction. We visit one of the Bedouin Family, then do dune bashing-driving up and down. After that we will take you to Wadi Bani Khalid, for an easy walk along the riverbed with ample time to cool down in the crystal-clear waters of the rock pools. It is the best-known wadi of the Sharqiyah region. Its stream mountains a constant flow of water throughout the year. Large pools of water and boulders are scattered along the course of the wadi. After the tour we drive back to Muscat.

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  • Person : 2 Person
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  • Location : Oman

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