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A Visit to the Turtle Sanctuary

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Day 1

08:30 AM- Your guide will meet you and the tour starts by driving towards the City of Qurrayat and visit the fishing village. Then we continue to visit Bimmah Sinkhole, it is a spectacular limestone crater created many years ago by a collapsing mountain and filled with blue-green sea water – a real wonder of nature that is definitely worth a look. Our next stop is Wadi Shab, literally means “Ravine between the cliffs”, The green pools and abundant shade give Wadi shab an almost ethereal aura (Photo Stop) Then we will continue to the nearby tourist attraction which is Wadi Tiwi , It is spread over an area of 36 kilometers (22.37 miles) at the foot of the mountain village of Mibam. It is a fertile wadi that meanders through a number of agricultural villages which grow dates and bananas overlooking the majestic mountains. You can also see the valley below, and the azure waters of the sea from some elevated locations. After that we continue to Sur, it is an ideal location in the northeast province of Sharqiya and is a seafaring town, a fishing village and a trading port all in one. The highlight of the town is the dhow builder’s yard on the coast just beyond the town. Sur started trading activities with the African coast as early as the 16th century A.D. a drive through its labyrinthine streets reveals many fine old houses with caved doors, arabesque windows and other intricate details. We will have a photo stop at the historical boat also known as “Fatah Al Khair”. Then we continue til we reach Ras Al Hadd home of the giant green turtle. Dinner at the resort. Guests will be picked up from the resort for turtle watching at Ras Al Jinz to have a glimpse of giant green turtles.
Overnight at Turtle Beach Resort- Hamoor Room on HB basis.

Day 2

Enjoy a delectable breakfast at the resort overlooking the sea.
08:30 AM- Your guide will meet you and the tour starts by driving towards Wadi Bani Khalid, for an easy walk along the riverbed with ample time to cool down in the crystal clear waters of the rock pools. It is the best-known wadi of the Sharqiyah region. Its stream mountains a constant flow of water throughout the year. Large pools of water and boulders are scattered along the course of the wadi. As a geographical area, Wadi Bani Khalid covers a large swathe of low land and mountains. Caves form some of the interesting features of this wadi. These include Kahf Maqal which is one of the Sultanate’s underground chambers. Springs of water are also common in this wadi. * When swimming in the Wadis/Sinkhole etc. Ladies are advised not to wear bikini/one piece cut swimsuit or something daring. Please wear swimming shorts & t-shirt. This is also in reference to Ministry of Tourism’s advisory and on respecting the local people. And we continue towards Wahiba Sands, or Ramlat Al-Wahiba (also called Sharqiya Sands) is a region of desert in Oman. The region is named for the Wahiba tribe. The area is defined by a boundary of 180 kilometers (110 mi) north to south and 80 kilometers (50 mi) east to west, with an area of 12,500 square kilometers (4,800 sq mi). The desert has been of scientific interest since a 1986 expedition by the royal geographical society documented the diversity of the terrain, the flora and fauna, noting 16,000 invertebrates as well as 200 species of other wildlife, including avifauna. They also documented 150 species of native flora. Enjoy Dune bashing. After this trip we head back to Muscat.

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